Other Services & Trainings

Other Services and Training:

  • Ms. Perret also provides referrals for mental health services, linkage with other resources, and dissemination of information and contacts re: SOAR and other mental health programs and services
  • Although Ms. Perret does not currently have a clinical practice, she is open to partnering on providing clinical services
  • Ms. Perret is recognized as an experienced and engaging trainer
  • Other training she has offered includes:
    • Training on mental health and mental illness for shelter workers in NYC
    • Ethics training for social workers, professional counselors and other mental health professionals
    • Training on co-occurring disorders both to addiction counselors as well as mental health, and human services staffs
    • Non-profit board development and strategic planning
    • Training for peer counselors, recovery coaches, and peer advocates
    • Work incentives under SSA disability benefit programs
    • Other mental health related services and topics
  • Ms. Perret has also served as a facilitator at national conferences, including Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale and Workforce Development
  • She has also served as a proposal reviewer for SAMHSA