• Since 1968, Ms. Perret has been involved in advocacy for people who are financially poor; this has included welfare rights advocacy, leadership in the Coalition of Concerned Caseworkers, Rochester, New York; and advocacy for public benefits to sustain lives
  • Since 1993, Ms. Perret has focused on advocacy for people who are homeless and who have serious mental health challenges and/or co-occurring disorders
  • She has also, since this time, advocated in public policy for SSA beneficiaries and recipients
  • Member of the SSI Task Force. SSA Disability Advocates, and other advocacy groups
  • Ms. Perret has served on multiple state task forces regarding mental health and substance use issues
  • Ms. Perret is recognized nationally as a strong, passionate, and informed advocate for individuals who need mental health services and supports as well as those who have limited to no income
  • Ms. Perret has been a leader in her state’s Mental Health Association, serving as its Baltimore City Chapter and state Board Presidents, Chair of the Government Affairs Committee, lifetime member of the Board of Directors, and prior membership in the national board of Mental Health America
  • Recent priorities have included the expansion of acceptable medical sources for SSA disability benefits, which involved co-authoring a white paper on this issue with Jeremy Rosen of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty as well as extensive follow-up with SSA on this issue